Cannot enable Title Menubar kcalc

How do I Enable Menubar in Manjaro, to access File, View Help, To change kcalc preferences from NORM mode?

Do you have global menu enabled? Because I cannot find any option to disable KCalc’s menu bar. BTW, you can access the Preferences with Ctrl+Shift+,, KCalc Handbook with F1, and 'What's This' with Shift+F1.
The default shortcuts are:

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Have you tried Ctrl+M?

Hi shirshendu,

No, I don’t have global menu enabled.

Thank you for the screenshot of shortcuts.

I opened the command bar using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+I, and selected science mode for the calculator, which allows me to calculate power numbers.

Kcalc is now working.

Challenge to change modes, but it does work.


Yes i tried CTRL+M no response from the app.

@bash321 From the Command Bar, you can open Configure Keyboard Shortcuts and there you can assign custom shortcuts for the modes you use. :wink:

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