Cannot enable AUR: no AUR tab

Hello everyone, absolute noob here.

I recently made the switch from Mint to Manjaro after a few weeks of gettting used to the Linux way, having been an exclusive Windows user for many years. Switching to Manjaro is another massive leap of faith for me, but I can’t wait to get everything working and set up properly.

My only problem so far, apart from a few minor bugs related to KDE itself, is that I absolutely cannot enable the AUR from the software manager. I have looked it up but can’t find any answers as to why I do not have the AUR tab in the preferences menu. I can enable snaps and flatpaks no problem, but for some reason, the AUR tab just does not exist.

I have tried the classic turn-off-and-on technique, to no avail. I have also tried reinstalling pamac through the terminal but that still didn’t change a thing. Is this a problem related to the KDE desktop? Or is there a setting somewhere that I’ve missed?

I know it’s a silly question, and sort of a non-problem, but I don’t want to have to reinstall Mint after wiping my drive for Manjaro literally just last night just because I can’t download the software I want/need. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Check the manual, probably you have overlooked something.

By the way, the graphical software manager is only one way to use AUR. You alternatively could use Pamac CLI, the official Arch way or AUR helpers.

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Make sure software mode is not enabled on the “burger icon”. See if AUR appears then, this was my problem, hope it helps

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Welp, turns out software mode was the culprit. I feel dumb lol. Thank you!

No problem, glad it worked.

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