Cannot edit my title in settings

I cannot change my title from [none] to Forum Newbie. When I click and change the title to Forum Newbie and save changes my title reverts to [none] just after I refresh settings page. It's not a big issue ofc, I'm a newbie and it's not title-of-pride but still. Is it possible to fix?

I've fixed that for you. Not sure why it wasn't sticking when you tried...

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It is a Discourse thing.

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Thanks jonathon!

@jonathon, could you fix that for me too, please? I ran into this issue myself earlier and I already meant to ask you about that, but I just never got around to it. :wink:

Done, maybe.

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It seems to be sticking this time. Thank you. :slight_smile: :beer:

Unfortunately I cannot seem to change to my title to 'Forum Member' as well as it doesn't stick when refreshing the settings page in my profile.


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Lightning speed! :zap:

Much obliged! :smile:

Same here - can't change to 'Forum Member'.
There seems to be something generally wrong here...

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I wonder if it's a locale thing... e.g. if the "title" exists in one locale but not another?

(e.g. note that some forum members have "Habitué" as their title.)

  1. Thanks for the quick fix in my case. :hugs:

What do you mean by locale with regards to this forum?
The entry under 'Preferences > Interface > Interface language' or rather 'Preferences > Account > Recently Used Devices' (e.g. what the server assumes is where I am)?

If you're logged in then it should only use Preferences->Interface->Interface language .

Ok, in that case I'm English (US) which should be the default for Discourse, right?
So if that is the problem, that's a bit weird...

I have the same issue, cannot set title - English user in the US, so maybe that's the problem - not a big deal to me, but it would be kinda neat to have the "Forum Regular" title show up on my less-than-regular postings :slightly_smiling_face:...

This is weird... you don't have a "Forum Regular" option but do have just "Regular"... I wonder if the titles system is broken in Discourse...


Ah! It is a locale issue. When my locale is set to US English the available title is "Forum Regular". When I set it to "English" the available title is just "Regular".

OK, something to dig into.

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Hmm...that's odd. "Forum Regular" definitely shows up on my end.

Again, not a big deal to me. But it certainly is an odd little glitch.

EDIT: Ooops, I see you replied as I was taking a screenshot... never mind!

It's not sticking for me, either. I'm trying to put the Forum Newbie title on and I currently have none.

A little later, but it's done. Discourse. :man_shrugging:

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