Cannot download any themes from system settings on KDE (including cursors, plasma style, etc.)

Hey, I’m new to Manjaro (not to Linux) and I’ve just installed the “minimal Plasma Desktop” edition of Manjaro. The problem is after trying to download any cursor theme, plasma theme, plasma style etc. from the system settings application I get the following error:

“Download of “Sweet KDE” failed, error: SETTINGS invalid number of concurrent streams”.

It’s a fresh installation of Manjaro. Any ideas what could be causing the issue? I thought maybe I’m missing a package because it’s a “minimal” installation but it’s just a guess…

Furthermore downloading the themes from the store.kde website and dragging and dropping the .targz file into settings installs the theme without a problem.

Why is this error message occurring?



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Thanks for your fast reply! i guess I’ll have to wait. :blush:

I’m sorry but Reddit are blocked in my country
Can anyone please explain to me what happened here cause i have the same problem

So basically it’s a bug and will be fixed with an update. It’s not a problem on your end. All you can do is just wait until a new update arrives.

Also you could use a VPN to circumvent your countries restrictions (Just a hint :wink:).

ok thank’s for the information

VPN can let you go to reddit but cannot solve the problem SETTINGS invalid number of concurrent streams

Thanks for asking this question. I found it too this morning.

update 6.30 and KDE 5.25.2:

Open Collaboration Services API got a unknown error (0)

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