Cannot Delete/Create User from KDE System Settings

Already posted in the update thread, but attaching here in cas it is not related to the update …

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I can reproduce this on my end. Reinstalling both accounts-qml-module and accountsservice doesn’t make any difference. There are 2 bug reports regarding the issue:


1911339 – Cannot create another user account with KDE System Settings, or edit existing one.

Bug #1883357 “Can't create new user in Kubuntu 20.04” : Bugs : user-manager package : Ubuntu

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Probably a KDE bug. Managing Users (and Groups) in Manjaro Settings Manager still works.

I was reading This week in KDE: Discover redesign has begun – Adventures in Linux and KDE, looks like this bug has been fixed.

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I am also currently reproducing this bug. When I try to modify my account information I get the “There was an error while saving changes” message. When adding a new user just nothing happens.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon, it seems like someone has initiated a git commit…

Check out this post and this bug tracker for KDE:

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Yup that’s the bug discussed and linked to in the article I gave here.

Also I was testing KDE Neon Testing and the bug is fixed. No problem changing user properties.

Also, probably unrelated to this bug, but the switch user bug that would cause the system to hang/freeze when trying to log back into my account appears to be fixed too.

I was somewhat incorrect. I just learned the switch user issue is due to a setting in sddm.conf that can be changed. Splash screen hang after self user switching in KDE - #18 by hari120


@ishaan2479 , @Shirshendu , @CrankyFranky , @ydar
Does it still persist? I am on testing branch …
If I run systemsettings from terminal and change any user details, it shows the eror in terminal,

org.kde.kcm_users: "org.freedesktop.Accounts.Error.Failed" "file '/tmp/systemsettings.ycOQPH' is not a regular file"

@sureshs2004 Yes it does. As a temporary workaround try making your changes with manjaro settings manager or follow this post:

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Just thought I would everyone know this seems to have been fixed in the latest update. I’m able to create and modify users without any issues.

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