Cannot compile DAHDI for Asterisk



I’m trying to compile DAHDI for Asterisk using the dahdi-linux package on the aur, it keeps telling me that I do not have my kernel headers installed as a prerequisite specifically 4.9.50-1-MANJARO which from what I understand do not exist. Should I switch my kernel out to something else and get those appropiate headers? I’ve had to use kernel headers before to compile dkms modules for bluetooth so if this aur pkg can’t install because of this error, then there will be plenty more pkgs that I won’t be able to use down the road.


Be sure your system is up to date and then install linux49-headers.
Install also other header if you have other kernel installed.


As @scachemaille says, update your system. If you’re not going to update regularly, a rolling-release distro probably isn’t for you.


It is up to date, I’ve used Arch before. This is a fresh intall.


OK, that rules out the most obvious issue. :slight_smile:

Looking at the package itself, it depends on kernel 4.3:

depends=("linux>=4.3" "linux<4.4")
makedepends=("linux-headers>=4.3" "linux-headers<4.4")

so it’s quite possible it simply won’t compile for any other kernel version - at least with that AUR package. The AUR package also hasn’t been updated for nearly two years.

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Wow, did not see that, probably why I can’t install it. Either I update the aur pkgbuild or rollback my kernel. I looked on the aur and didn’t see it flagged so that’s my reason for pressing on with building the pkg.


As the kernel 4.3 is EOL and not in repos anymore.
No solution beside to try to edit and try to build it on an other kernel.
Good luck


Okay I was making sure it wasn’t an operator issue. I’ll mark this as solved. Thank you both.


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