Cannot change Alt+`Cinnamon shortcut

I am using Manjaro Cinnamon Community edition. Cinnamon has a shortcut, "Alt+`", that lets you cycle through all the windows of the application you currently have focused. My problem is, I want to use that shortcut for another binding, and the binding for its current use is nowhere to be found. I CAN bind "Alt+`" to whatever I want in the shortcut menu, with no conflict warning - and that means that the default function of the specific shortcut is not in the options available, but more tightly tied to the system - but the default action of cycling windows overrides whatever I choose, and I cannot find why. Any help would be appreciated.

If you're referring to the shortcut that lets you cycle through all windows of the same application, you can find it in:
System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > General > Cycle through open windows of the same application

Try to change that shortcut to something else and then bind Alt+` to the action you like.


Yes I found the option you mentioned. The problem is, it has no assigned keybinding there! That's why I can assign "Alt+`" to any other command without the warning that usually appears when you try to use a keybinding already in use. But the shortcut won't work on anything else.

Well, just now, I assigned "Alt+`" to "Cycle through open windows of the same application", and then to another command and it worked. Something must have been stuck. Thanks for your time!

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