Cannot boot majaro after Xorgconfiguration

I got a serious problem after trying to fix a grafic driver problem.

I followed NVIDIA - ArchWiki

I created a new /etc/x11/xorg.conf file and now I get only a message “failed to start Light Display Manager” booting my computer.

Is there a option to delete this file with grub?
Does manjaro have a save mode or is there an other option?

Sorry I’m newbee

Well why would you do that?

Maybe thats for after… for now please see this:

Then if all you need to do is delete that file, the command would be:

sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And to reboot you can use

systemctl reboot

(note - commands and files in linux are CaSe-sEnSiTiVe)

Thanx for your reply

I have only access to grub.

I’ll try.

I doubt that file will stop you from booting into runlevel 3, as it specifically doesnt start a graphical server.

You can also start the PC from a live DVD/USB, access the hard drive via the file browser and delete it.