Cannot boot live USB, Thinkpad T450

Hi guys.

I´m fairly new to linux and I have a problem running Manjaro on my Lenovo T450 laptop. When I try to boot from the USB stick, it would fail to boot, types out few errors and then finally stucks at "A job is running for Login Service..." which loads forever. Picture below (hope it is visible). I googled the issue and it seems to me that it´s either something stupidly simple, or a serious problem with my laptop. As it seems that everyone is using Manjaro on T450 with no issues at all.

p.s.: I tried to update the BIOS to latest 1.37 version, but it didn´t help at all

Most likely either a corrupt download or an incomplete or corrupt installation medium.

Verify the installer image checksum and try writing the installer to the medium again.


Thanks Jonathon, it seems that the USB drive was corrupted. But a funny thing, I installed two other computers with it today with no problem and then it errored out on this one. I checked the SHA-1 of the image and it was OK, and just to be sure, I reburned the image to the USB drive, and voi la, it works just fine. Thanks for your advice, and I'm quite happy that it was just me being not smart enough :wink:


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