Cannot boot into system, Live USB boot doesn't work

I have just run into probably the worst issue I ever had with my linux setup.

I was redoing a wineprefix since a cache cleanup and duplicate file deletion I did at least a day before appeared to remove some files preventing me from playing some games in the prefix; some config files were user-removed during the cleanup and I’m confident they weren’t important for computer operation (not so sure now). My PC froze for the 3rd time (this one different from the other two) while installing some dlls. When I turned my PC back on, it would not boot into my SSD (my linux drive). I downloaded a LiveUSB to try and fix the issue as I’ve done before except it WOULD NOT boot up the LiveUSB unless my SSD was disconnected. I cannot recover the files nor run timeshift to revert my installation to before I cleaned up my system.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this predicament? I really hope my SSD isn’t just dead cuz I’d really like to recover my files if possible. And for the love of God, please tell me this isn’t the rarest of f-ups to ever happen and is reversible error.

Update :
Now my ssd appears as SANDISK MILPITAS OB and i cannot access partitions because they apparenrly dont exist. No superblock, no superblock backups, NOTHING.

it really is starting to look like my drive is dead and no diy method to fix the issue unless proven otherwise.

You have to stop the boot-process while your PC is in UEFI. Before Grub is loaded.

With my UEFI this is F6 pressed while booting. This may be an other key with your mainboard. Maybe your manual will tell.

Then i get a list of bootable devices.

  • There, select what device to boot from.
  • You have to select your USB-Stick in UEFI-mode

Most time such things are repairable. But you need good advice. If you don’t understand something, ask !

But first of all you have to get into a live linux.

I press f6 and it tells me there’s a “smart failure predicted” for my ssd. It gives an option to press f1 to run setup, takes me to the bios, and only shows the liveusb device. I can only so far as click the load the liveusb with free or proprietary driver; afterwards, it goes to dark and nothing else pops up.

I should also have added that my system is a dual and I can boot into windows. It also appears that I can hook my drive up to another Linux pc and boot up, however it gives an error when I try mounting the drive.

It says it can’t read superblock.