Cannot boot into Manjaro

I am running Manjaro 21.x KDE Plasma and I can no longer boot into it.
Some information, everytime I’ve put the PC in sleep mode and then waking it up, logging in there was a bug such that it couldn’t load to desktop fully, there was a progress bar which every time didn’t fill up fully. And everytime this happened I rebooted/turned off and on the PC again, which I suspect is the main reason for the following issues.
Everytime I prees enter it just repeats itself - reloading, starting and then again.
I am providing console output when I try to boot in.

Hello @shllshckd

Open the file /etc/fstab with an editor and remove or comment out the line where is written the mountpoint /mnt/hdd/f. The problem here is that it fails to mount the partition for what ever reason.

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At this point I cannot boot into the OS, how should I proceed with editing /etc/fstab, is it possible at all?

Should be possible:

  1. Change to another TTY: CTRL + ALT + F3
  2. Login there on the basic login screen.
  3. Run sudo nano /etc/fstab
  4. Change it there, save and reboot.
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I try to change the TTY but I couldn’t - no output whatsoever.

@shllshckd Did you try to type the root password to login as root? Looks like you just skip it…

However, maybe you are more comfortable with live session: Boot a Manjaro ISO, run manjaro-chroot -a on the terminal and change it there.

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Boot up from the install medium in live mode. Then, open up a terminal window and type the following two commands… :arrow_down:

sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a

If you have more than one GNU/Linux system installed, choose your Manjaro installation from the menu. Then, edit /etc/fstab, like so… :arrow_down:

nano /etc/fstab

When you’re done, save the file with Ctrl+O followed by Enter/Return, and exit the editor with Ctrl+X.


Thanks, used the USB stick with Manjaro and it’s all good now.
One problem still exists tho, when I wake the pc from sleep the progress bar never finishes/never lods fully. Should I make a separate post for that?

Yes, please. Better to deal with only one problem per thread, unless you have multiple problems that all have the same cause. :wink:


:100: Yes pls :wink:


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