Cannot Automate GOES-16 background

I use Manjaro 20.1 stable, KDE Plasma.
Installed GOES-16 satellite background.
Added a script to autostart.
The image of the Earth shall change every 15 minutes automatically but it is not!
If I reload the screen session or the computer, the image changes, so the script downloads the latest satellite image of Earth but does not update it automatically every 15 min. If I use the terminal, it downloads the image parts but does not change the Earth image itself. Can anyone help? I’m a real newby.

Himawaripy satellite images background worked perfectly, updated the Earth image every 10 min. GOES 16 - doesn’t want to autoupdate. (

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

If you’re talking about this you’re better off filing a bug with the developer itself then trying to find help about this (very cool but also very specific) issue on a general purpose forum geared towards the Manjaro distro, not to specific applications.