Cannot access NAS or printers when connected to WIFI

Hi all,
I have just moved over to Manjaro after using Ubuntu MATE for the last 5 years on my laptop.
I am having difficulty in finding out what is probably a stupid error on my part, I have configured my 2 brother printers and can also access my 2 NAS drives fine when using an ethernet cable but as soon as I disconnect and move over to Wi-Fi the printers will not connect and the NAS drives disappear from the network. I can access the internet and my email without any prblem.
I have checked the firewall and it is disabled, any help would be gratefully received

Maybe you have to look into the configuration of your router :wink:

Some routers do:

  • isolate devices that are connected to wifi from one another
  • classify a device with unknown MAC as guest, and only allow internet-access ( your wifi-card has an other MAC as your network-card even they are in the same PC :wink: )
  • bridge devices connected by wifi directly to internet

There may be other options in your router which bring the same result. In these cases you will not be able to connect to other devices in the local network.

Thanks for the reply, for some unexplainable reason I booted into the laptop this morning and everything was recognised. I just cannot reason why this has occurred but will accept the outcome.

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