Cannot access Bios or boot USB stick

First, I have to say that I’m very new to Linux, so I might not understand everything.
When I first wanted to install Linux on a Dell Computer I already had problems to access the Bios or boot the USB stick with the installation. Meaning that the F2 and F12 Keys are not working. The computer boots the operating system.
I tried various Linux distributions and decided on Manjaro, but I have now installed a version with a desktop I don’t want. Before I could type sudo systemctl reboot --firmware-setup in the Terminal to access Bios then change the boot order to make the computer boot from USB first and install a new system. Now it is not working anymroe and I get the error message Cannot indicate to EFI to boot into setup mode: Firmware does not support boot into firmware. I found some discussions about solutions on the net (and one over here) but the solutions discussed were either not working or to complicated to understand (for me as a new user). If someone has an idea what I can try it would be very helpful. Alternatively a way to boot the USB drive with the installation. (I looked if there was a line for the terminal but didn’t really find anything.)
Thank you so much for your help!

F2 is the key for Dell-Bios-access. Note: There are some Dell-Laptops that do not have any access to the Bios/Uefi-setting. These Dell-systems are designed to run MS-Windows exclusive. In this case you have to live with the lemon called MS-Windows.

I already did access the Bios - so it is working. (Like via systemctl reboot --firmware-setup) But now for some reason I get the error.

and accessing it by repeatedly tapping esc or del keys?
did you try inserting a usb with manjaro iso, and try tapping those keys?

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Thanks for all your help.
I tried esc and it booted directly from the stick with the installation - so I finally managed to install Manjaro properly now.
Hopefully I don’t need to access bios anymore now - it is a nightmare on this machine. :slight_smile:
So thanks again for your help!

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