Can you install Deepin while KDE-Plasma is the primary desktop?

I want to test Deepin. Is it safe to install?

Is there a guide or any specific terminal commands?


Test it on a VM like virtualbox, but the curent state of Deepin is broken on all branches.
Mixing it with a working KDE Plasma is really bad call, as both use kwin but not the same kwin, and things will get really funky for your system.


Thank you kind sir :slightly_smiling_face:

I will wait a bit then. I do like the look of Deepin so I am very curious. It would be great if Deepin was using the same kwin as KDE-Plasma.


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They use a fork of it, and do not have the same goals for the project.

You can make KDE Plasma look like Deepin if you want too…


Thank you for the extra information.

I have my KDE very optimized for my hardware setup and dont want to waste time getting that all setup again, so I doubt I will pursue Deepin unless it becomes a major release from Manjaro and not just a community project.

Thanks much!

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