Can you bring old account details from old forum to new forum?


I hope everyone is well i was wondering if anyone knows if you can use your old forum account details with the NEW manjaro forum, unfortunately mine doesn’t work and i got badges and everything on my old profile lol.

does anyone know if this is possible to bring it over, i have created a new one for now which is this one

any feedback is greatly appreciated


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I’m afraid not. Everyone had to start over again from scratch ─ even the moderators. :man_shrugging:

P.S: You’re not the first one to ask that question either. :arrow_down:

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Ahh thats okey thanks for getting back to me @Aragorn, never mind it happens, we can build another forum empire once again lol.

At least we still got access to the old forum i can live without some of the pictures, i think the information on that forum is invaluable, a collective of information over years is priceless.

Iv been using Manjaro for about 1 year now and i can honestly say its by far the best open Sourse OS i have ever used although may be that’s not a fair assumption as i have only really tried ubuntu then was recommended manjaro on a youtube vid for high end hardware and good compatibility i have a high end-ish laptop, Lenovo, but love tinkering so working with manjaro is fun.

Remember that old saying if it aint broke don’t fix it, well i’m the guy that brakes it then fixes it lol


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