Can we please have Pantheon-DE on Manjaro??

Can we please have Pantheon-DE on Manjaro , Fedora also has it now.

I think you could in principle install it from AUR. Details are described here:

If you intend to proceed better use a new user for this, do not mix it with the same user.

A lot of Pantheon packages are also in the normal Manjaro repo's and can be installed via pacman.


Some links for similar discussions.

Anyone with interest, skills and time is welcome to create new Manjaro respins. It is also very likely that Manjaro maintainers will be happy to help with doing correctly.

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You more than welcome to create an ISO:

But you may want to read this entire thread first:


Managed to build an iso earlier in 2019 Manjaro Pantheon which booted to desktop, but today crashed instead of log in to desktop

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