Can we have "BTRFS Assistant" in the community repository?

It has been mentioned a lot on this forum as being a notable manager for the file system and the Snapper application. I think most already know it’s being actively developed by @dalto.

Manjaro is user-centric, but it makes sense to have it on Manjaro’s live ISO (alongside Snapper) for anyone needing to restore a snapshot using the application’s ISO as a last resort. The GUI is quite user-friendly.


No one on the team uses BTRFS, however @dalto knows what he’s doing so I’ll trust him, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Besides, @Chrysostomus tried out BTRFS before and btrfsmaintenance is already in the repos. :man_shrugging:

Coming to a mirror near you (unstable branch).


Oh well… thanks for mentioning it (since I didn’t know it yet). Now simple tasks can be done with just some simple clicks and it is pretty usable at this point. I vote for this request. :slight_smile:


This seems like a reasonable GUI-tool now

It seems fine for my purposes (even if I have special settings/subvolumes, snapper…).
Thanks for the tip.

If started with

sudo btrfs-assistant

in a terminal-window, the GUI merges as window into xfce. :+1:

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