Can we get some form of "AI copilot"?

hello i would be really pissed to move back to windows after so many years using linux just so i can work even faster. I am referring to win11 copilot interaction to local files.

GPT4ALL released the beta plugin to include chatting with local files, while is something IMO is not sufficient and needs better integration

Do none of the packages in the AUR work for you?
chatblade , chatgpt-desktop-bin , tgbpt-bin , etc

none of those can change my theme to dark for example

Gpt4all-chat-git gives you several models you can install and is definitely the most comprehensive

There’s also a bard if you prefer that

Not sure if either will be able to accomplish what you want but gpt4all-chat-git might

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No, we can’t. You might create a feature request upstream.