Can’t install manjaro using an rtx 3080 or newer

I have been trying for 3 hours to install the latest version of manjaro xfce and I have been only getting errors, after 3 hours I decided to swap my gpu to my older 2070 and I managed to install manjaro, now that I have it installed can I switch back my gpu or are the drivers not up for the 3080 yet.

Current drivers are 450.66. Check which version supports your card.

You need this driver I believe.

RTX 3080 is not yet supported by Manjaro …

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So I can’t just install the drivers from nvidia ?

If I had your card I would try the driver from Nvidia. I would be interested in hearing how it works out.

The instructions seem to be to download the file and Once you have downloaded the driver, change to the directory containing the driver package and install the driver by running, as root, ,
sh ./

Here is the readme from Nvidia.

Since you are installing new anyway, if it breaks your install there is no loss right?

I’ll do that and inform you


Seems to work! Thanks


A big thank you from me for informing us, glad it worked.

Any change on this topic? RTX 3090 has unusable DisplayPorts right now. Everything works until the driver kicks in - then the DPs are going off. System does not detect monitors connected to DP. Only HDMI ports work.

EDIT: I’m using recent Manjaro GNOME installer. I had to select nonfree driver in bootmenu, otherwise it would freeze during boot regardless of port used.