Can`t install Manjaro linux

When installing Manjaro linux 24.0.3 installer, the computer freezes at 90%. Also I tried to install pop_os and linux mint before, but the computer also froze when booting from a USB flash drive.

Hi @merza, and welcome!

That clearly suggests that the issue is not with Manjaro, nor the Calamares installer, but it seems to be your environment. So check the following first:

  • Secure boot in the BIOS/UEFI is disabled;
  • if attempting to dual-boot with Windows, ensure Fast startup is disabled;
  • I don’t know if there is something like it, but if you find a Fast boot, or similar, in the BIOS/UEFI it has to be disabled as well.

Also, if you are attempting to dual-boot, this should help:

Hope this helps.

I guess you mean Fast Boot :wink:

Ahh now i got your pointed, you pointed above with Fast Startup from Windows Energy Management?

There is quite a long time at around 90% where it seems to not do anything.
How do you know it froze?

If the amount of RAM you have is low, that might be a reason - as well as the potential secure boot and windows fast startup issues.

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Oh, in this case, yeah.


Actually no. I meant Fast startup. Fixed now.


Besides Bios option that needs to be disabled, you could run into other issues around the USB Hardware, example a faulty USB Stick or USB Slot with dust inside, checksum error on the .iso file (you can compare it with the number’s from Manjaro’s Webpage).

Bootstick creation tools could also be related to your error’s…
Ventoy is mostly recommend but there are other tools.

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When the installation progress reaches 90%, I can’t move the mouse cursor. I have 4GB of RAM, can this be a problem?

Thank you for your reply.

I already disabled security boot and it didn’t help.
Also I have already uninstalled windows so it can’t be the problem.
I can’t find the Fast boot feature in my bios.

Manjaro still won’t install.

It could be.
The installer has got a toggle, a button, where you can switch from the “pretty” slideshow presentation to a terminal showing you what is actually going on.

You can also open another terminal and run top or htop in it and monitor the system state … to possibly catch why it stalls.