Can’t Boot After Gparted Deleted a partition

In the last login, I find my disk partition almost fill up, so I use gparted to delete a partition ‘/mnt/backup’ which I created, mounted but not use. And then I increase the ‘/home’ Partition. When rebooting manjaro, I find errors:
[depend] dependency failed for/mnt/backup
[depend] dependency failed for Local File Systems
And I’m in emergency mode. I can only type ‘journalctl -xb’,’systemctl reboot’,’systemstl default’,’exit’ according to the help message.

What am I supposed to do? Please helps, thanks.

Hello @BrandonMoo :wink:

Check /etc/fstab if /mnt/backup is still there.

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Yes,it still in the file(btw, I spell wrong, it’s/mnt/backup)

Then you know what to do :smiley:

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Thank you bro, I deleted it and successfully boot in :wink:

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