Can server admins get paid or otherwise supported to host a mirror?

I’m not necessarily asking this for myself, as much as I could totally use such an offer. I have my internet from a small ISP firm next door, who’s owner is a friend I occasionally work with; The thought recently occurred that he might be a good candidate for hosting a mirror of Manjaro inside my country, something I could bring up to him next time we meet!

Being an ISP he definitely has the infrastructure to guarantee near 24/7 uptime at good speeds. And since I looked at the instructions for setting up a mirror while being personally familiar with rsync, I can help him through the setup and we could probably run it together. But I doubt I can convince him unless the team can support him in some way, especially with his company staying just above the floating line… either financially or through some other partnership that would work out?

The thought is especially tempting as there doesn’t seem to be a mirror in my country: I’m from Romania, and after a standard update to the mirror list via Pamac I didn’t see any URL from here in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist. Thus I assume there’s no Romanian mirroring Manjaro yet which I find surprising, or if they are it’s not registered on the service the mirror list gets updated from.

Here is the list of all mirrors for information

Thanks. Yeah no mirrors available in my country, that confirms it. Would make it nicer if some collaboration like this was possible, though I’m not yet getting my hopes up on this idea.

I can’t talk for Manjaro team, but from my understanding (and point of view), people offer to host a mirror without anything in return. But you never know maybe Manjaro team will want to go your way.

Had this idea some time ago, and i dropped it. Was not in the detriment of Manjaro tho, couldn’t be. Also, just food for thought Arch Linux - - URL Details

For Manjaro i either user the mirrors from Germany or Austria.

I see. Yeah being a firm it wouldn’t be easy to ask him to do something like this for free. Might still bring it up when we meet again (need to leave him some hardware) but I doubt he can agree unless his company can be supported in some form.

If it were me I could do it for free in theory. But I’m not planning to set up a mirror as I don’t really have the logistics to guarantee it would work well. I keep my desktop PC powered on 24/7 for the most part as it does things in the background, while I have a 100 MB/s up + down connection… I don’t truly use it as a server though, plus this might fill my bandwidth more than I want. I plan on using rysnc to mirror the repos for personal backups at most.

Providing a mirror can be seen as giving something back to the community - I initially started out that way - later on I became involved with coding using python (with no background in python).

But running a mirror requires dedication as you will - occasionally - need to troubleshoot your setup - especially when running the mirror off SSD devices as they presents some unique challenges when data shifts through the mirror at a high cadence.

But mostly it runs by itself.