Can openrazer be a install option in application launcher?

I was hoping Manjaro would include this and an option for Astro A50 support which is on git. Because installing this by myself is so complicated and it’s still not working following the steps?. A noob is not going to know how to build dkms drivers or kernel.etc? Especially when the steps on the git aren’t necessarily step by step and it’s just jumping forum to forum to find out where I went wrong. I’m concerned cause I wanna like Linux,but this is a issue if ex windows/ osx adopter wanna make the switch. This isn’t me griping or talking down the project when it’s really me beating myself up because I wanna understand because the people who end up “getting it” seem to love it, but I’m definitely not there yet. Manjaro is my favorite distro so I wanna see it florish! All responses appreciated.

You should start by learning your system and its package management and resource options.
The docs, such as the wiki, would be good examples of where to start or get help.

Its as easy as using the default package manager (pamac), your aur manager of choice, or the good ol makepkg … no need to do it manually from github … in fact you probably shouldnt.

AUR (en) - Search Criteria: openrazer

Arch User Repository - Manjaro

Alright thank you! Do you know where u can find a step by step guide by chance? I’ve enable aur and after installing, openrazer-meta and the header I’m still struggling getting this to work? Pretty much I’ve followed the steps and i already have the headers. It look like manjaro has this preinstalled. So I’m trying to figure out why the application is saying i am missing so many things?

I dont know what errors you are referring to, or what application either.
Maybe a manager like polychromatic or razerCommander ?

(also you need to make sure to restart after installing the things)

Okay I will do that after every command just to make sure, and my bad I’m reffereing to polychromatic. What would you recommend?

Just make sure you restarted after installing the openrazer stuff and check again.

But I just realized I dont see your A50 anywhere on the supported devices list.

It’s on the web i just searched “Astro A50 support Linux” and it’s one of the first GitHub projects which I wanted to look at. I would send the link, but it’s not letting me.

Just malform the link somehow by adding a ~ or something


The Astro isnt listed as supported by openrazer project in general.
(see: GitHub - openrazer/openrazer: Open source driver and user-space daemon to control Razer lighting and other features on GNU/Linux)
That gist shows a workaround … but apparently for outdated things - as in only A50 generations 1 or 2
(and the corresponding old pulseaudio and ubuntu versions … though that likely doesnt matter much)
According to multiple posters under that gist, since 2020, it isnt working for them either.

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Alright hopefully future support since Linux is getting more popular with the steam deck i will go through it again and see if I can get it working.

Honestly its up to Astro as they seem to keep it locked down and rely on their proprietary app for any sort of implementation or customization - and of course its only for … oh ew, they do that “mac or pc” thing where “PC = a windoze .exe”.

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In case it break or something and i need to buy a new one and plan on switching. What would be Linux friendly headset brands? Is RAZR surprisingly open source?

Just look at the list on openrazers github page linked above.

We’ll need more details than that. I’ve installed it before with no issues.

Please create a new thread in #support:aur for help as this is a feature request thread, not a support thread.

Also, the answer is…