Can not unlock the screen

this is first time I install manjaro. it’s runing smoot and good. but after while, the screen is lock but unfortunately I can’t unlock, I still remember the password I set before, but not working.

finally I reinstall the os. but same thing hapen. can any one help me why is this happen?, how to make it not hapen again?

Hello @rudyjatmiko,

at first welcome to Manjaro! :grinning:

Is it the same password you used to login? Or do you use “autologin”?

And are you sure not to mix root and user password? On the installation you have normally set 2 passwords. One for your normal ‘user’ and one for ‘root’.
And normally you should log in with your created username and password … and the root password shouldn’t work with your ‘user’, except you use the same password for both (bad idea). :slightly_smiling_face:

I use one password, for both user and root… there is option for that then I choose it…

I’ll reinstall then

Thanks for the answer

If you choose this option the password should work.

And you cant login after reboot?

Could it be that there is a different keyboard layout in the Live-System and your installed system? If so some keys can have different characters.

You can try it in a text editor in the live system and your installed system if your keys act the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

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