Can not run my Manjaro

I’m new at this, someone helps, thanks in advance.

I’m not being facetious.

If you were tech support for a company, and this is how a user is asking to you help resolve their issue, how would you respond?

In all seriousness.

Assume we have no idea about your situation, nor your setup, nor your hardware, nor any other relevant information.

I’m looking at this screenshot of an fstab file, and a tiny blurred thumbnail. The only information provided in your first post is “I’m new at this, someone helps, thanks in advance.”

How do you expect someone to use this to help you?

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i am very sorry, but when i add some pictures, there is an error so i post pictures in my replay.

Read how to post properly, with preformatted text. We don’t want pictures. Until then… :wave:

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Closed as per OP request via flag.
Please OP, next time check how to post and solve a topic.