Can not install krita 5

can not install krita 5.0 . software 4.4.8 is there . But the aur has 5 and the main repo has 5 . But only thing I see on both is 4.4.8 . How do I install krita 5

krita 5.0 was just released on 23rd december. it may take some time to show up in the stable branch.

nope can’t find v5 in the main repo (or the stable branch) or the aur :thinking:

edit - just checked krita 5.0 is there in the unstable branch

On my side there is ‘krita 5’ in the AUR as ‘beta’ and as ‘appimage’ but not in the repos at the moment.

When it is in unstable branch like @ishaan2479 said I guess it is in stable in 3-4 weeks. If you cant wait you can use one of the AUR versions.

pamac search -a krita
gnome-kra-ora-thumbnailer-git                                           1:1.4.r0.g53b68a1-2                AUR 
    A thumbnailer for KRA ( Krita native file ) and ORA ( open-raster
    ) for the Gnome desktop
krita-plugin-gmic-git                                                   2.3.3.r16.ge1f2980-1               AUR 
    Krita plugin for the G'MIC image processing framework
krita-plugin-gmic                                                       3.0.0-1                            community 
    Krita plugin for the G'MIC image processing framework
krita-minimal                                                           4.2.5-1                            AUR 
    Edit and paint images (less KDE dependencies)
krita-git                                                               4.3.0.prealpha.7877.g6e8aab8fd8-2  AUR 
    A full-featured free digital painting studio. Git version.
krita-beta-appimage                                                     5.0.0beta5-1                       AUR 
    Edit and paint images
krita-beta                                                              5.0.0.beta5-1                      AUR 
    Edit and paint images - beta release
krita-appimage                                                          5.0.0-1                            AUR 
    Edit and paint images
krita                                                     [Installiert] 4.4.8-3                            extra 
    Edit and paint images

Krita 5 is in testing branch too. You can switch branches, and that will be best approach instead of installing it from AUR.

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