Can no longer login after update

After updating my Manjaro GNOME edition last night I come to login this morning and I'm presented with an error screen before the select user option even shows and gives me a logout button.

When clicking the logout button it drops down to a terminal window and says Failed to start Service for snap application quassel-kalikiana.core

I can't enter any commands and completely locked out of my OS and it seems like no way back in.

What can I do to access my desktop?

What error are you shown?

You can probably log in to a TTY as your user (or root).

Hi thank you for your time.

The first screen is as follows:

After I click the log out I get the following screen:

I can't type anything in the keyboard doesn't seem to response to any kind of commands or input apart from on the first failed login screen, after that there is no response.

Boot in runlevel 3 from GRUB, so you arrive to TTY, and as your user type:
sudo systemctl disable snap.quassel-kalikiana.core.service
then invoke this
gnome-shell-extension-tool --help
to see how to disable extensions so you can log in ... Many custom extensions fail to load in Gnome 3.32
See the related wiki on the update announcement

My system just locks up when I try and select any other option on the GRUB menu apart from the top Manjaro Linux option, this includes when pressing e or c. Looks like this is going to be a completely start again job after this latest round of updates unfortunately, I can't see any other way past it?

If this is the case something has gone very wrong with the installation - or you're looking at a hardware failure.

You can always use a chroot to fix your installation.

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I've just popped in an old SSD and installed Ubuntu on it along side Manjaro and it's working fine. SMART tests run on the Manjaro SSD and nothing is showing. It's obviously a software/config issue after something updated last night.

Is there any logs I can view on the Manjaro SSD from the Ubuntu installation to help debug the Manjaro issue?

Manjaro isn't even running at this stage. The only thing running is GRUB bootloader and it has very little to do with anything else other than an update to GRUB itself.

If you are getting lockups on GRUB menu, this is a major problem (the only thing worse is lockup on BIOS menu). Most probably your SSD is dying or already dead. A lot of SSD's are known to not give any SMART errors before failure. You probably do not want to hear this, but I hope you have backups. I would not try to mount this SSD in rw (write) mode any more to be safe.

Maybe it could be some other piece of hardware, but since you can boot from another SSD fine, it makes this SSD more suspect.


Yeah I have data backups on my NAS that's no issue. I just wanted to get it up and running again as I use it for work and needed a working desktop ASAP as it takes ages to set everything up again that I need.

I ended up reformatting and putting Ubuntu 18.10 onto the new SSD drive (it's less than 6 months old) and it's up and running fine so can only assume something in the last update caused it to bork. Hopefully can switch back to Manjaro soon for gaming but can't risk it going down again on my work system.

I would still be very cautious. As far as you know, either

  1. A system update created a freezing GRUB menu (this is something I have never heard of, I can be wrong of course)
  2. Writing to the ssd caused an unlogged failure that resulted in a freezing bootloader.

Maybe it is good that you encountered this error early. But just watch for the usual things on this drive such as data going corrupt, especially when writing to it a lot.

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