Can no longer disable my touchpad


After not installing updates for a few months, I installed all pending updates last night. Now I can no longer disable my touchpad. This previously worked. The binding still functions, KDE still pops up a window that tells me that the state of the touchpad has been changed to on or off, but the touchpad continues to work. So either the script that fires was changed and no longer works, or more likely, there’s some device permission thing that changed. Where should I look?
(Manjarao 23.1.0; Plasma 5.27.9; KDE Frameworks 5.111.0; MSI Delta 15.)

OK I’m an idiot. I did the massive system updates but never rebooted. It’s fine now.

This is troubling, within itself…

(general rule of thumb: always reboot after an update) and something else for consideration:


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