Can Manjaro run on a Lenovo ARM device?

Hello fellow Manjorians,
I tried an install with the pinebook configuration using the script from the repositories but had no luck. Didnt even boot, i’ve got a miix 630 with a Snapdragon 835 SoC. There is an ubuntu version for it on github, but its too slow. On Windows there is no sound and no usb support anymore but i would like to keep it. Any Ideas? thx in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum,
No it cannot run on the device you own as we have no idea about this devices bootloader.
Mostly ubuntu and arch does work on arm build devices with Androids linux 3.1 etc and run their rootfs on top of it.

Its quite hacky but users have reported it to work.

You should look at arch linux arm if they support this device. As for Manjaro we don’t support this device.

Good luck.


Thanks maybe i just try to boot one of their images, but arch is not that easy :sweat_smile: have to read some manuals i guess