Can Manjaro put AUR packages into official package-repo?

Can Manjaro put AUR packages into official package-repo before Arch Linux put them into Arch repo?

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of course it can if need be(convincingly), manjaro repos already contain custom packages starting from the kernels as compared against arch repos

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I’m a bit of a profane on this subject, which is a point I do want to insisit upon. I can’t see the benefits of putting AUR packages into the Official (Manjaro?) Package-Repo…?

Manjaro maintains its own packages for a reason, e.g. what’s theirs is theirs so to speak. Tell me if I’m wrong, but Manjaro doesn’t maintain AUR Packages, right? :thinking:

yes except for few AUR packages that are maintained by some manjaro team members voluntarily (just like other AUR packages) and in no way officially linked to manjaro, which is how it should be, IMHO


Well, just think about yay . And there are others for conviniance.

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Several of the official manjaro team members also maintain aur packages as well. Im guessing they do that for the benefit of all arch users, makes it easier for them to use the packages

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Yes - that is possible - some packages even exist in Manjaro official repo but not Arch.

Example polybar

Other examples are packages created for a specific Manjaro edition like themes, script collections and of course Manjaro specific apps.

But as AUR is Arch User Repository - they are picky - so when a package is targeted outside Arch e.g. Manjaro or EndeavourOS or other derivatives - they only exist at the trusted users (TU) mercy.

Just like Debian is different than Ubuntu Arch is different than Manjaro.

It should - eventually - become clear to everyone that AUR build scripts PKGBUILD and accompanying scripts is generally made for Arch.

The fact that a gap between the entry point into Manjaro and the stable branch exist creates a void where you or your system can be sucked into issues which can only stem from the different package set.

A couple of examples

  • virtualbox and virtualbox-ext-oracle (AUR) can create issues where ext version > vbox version
  • vmware-workstation (AUR) unsupported - can create issues if used with other kernels than mainline and lts

another thing that keeps packages in the aur is publisher rights. chrome is not in either arch or manjaro repositories because it’s not allowed to be. the aur is allowed because that’s just a script that downloads it from google directly. discord is the same: the only reason it’s in the repositories is because we got specific permission from discord to distribute it.


Yes, I am also wondering about why google-chrome is not in any arch or manjaro repositories. It is too popular.

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google-chrome is based on chromium that is truly Open Source.
That is why chromium is in Arch official repositories if it is trusted more than Google Chrome that is not Open Source.

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Chrome have an unredestributable license

Chromium is in the repository because the license permit and someone have the patience to build it.

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