Can Manjaro KDE run Windows10 in Virtual Box?

Fellow Forum Members,
I am running my Raspberry Pi4B 4GB with Manjaro KDE Plasma which I am using as a set top box (STB) for my Samsung Smart TV. I have a 25MB Windows EXE app file I would like to run in Manjaro KDE within a Windows Virtual Box. Before I embark on this endeavour I hope anybody out there can help answer my questions below:

  1. Does Manjero KDE support running a Windows10 Virtual Box based on a Raspberry Pi4B foundation?
  2. Is it crazy to think a tiny Raspberry Pi4B 4GB board has the needed CPU muscle to support a Virtual Box?
  3. Is anybody running Windows7 in a Virtual Box? My thinking is this is a better option because it requires less resources compared to Windows10.
  4. The 25MB EXE file is a custom video streaming app and it is only available for Windows. Will running it using WINE be a smarter option?
  5. Does Manjaro KDE support WINE?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading any opinions.

I had 8.1 pro and 10.ova under xfce with kernel 5.8 running fine. No nvidia here though

VirtualBox does not run on ARM. Completely different architecture.

VirtualBox can only be used as host on x86 architecture.

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Even Apple says no wth there own chips.

Thank you to all for your postings.

Jrichard326 just to make sure I understand you correctly. You are saying you had Window 8.1 and Windows 10 running on Manjaro XFCE. Am I understanding correctly? What app did you use to setup your virtual box within Manjaro?

Any help that will identify for me the right apps I need to use to successfully run a small Windows EXE file on my Manjaro KDE OS using a Raspberry Pi4B 4GB board will be greatly appreciated.

As the ARM based boards are using a complete different hardware architecture than the common Wintel machines your only choice might be this one: x86_64 chroot on Manjaro Arm + Install x86_64 *.deb + Install Wine & Windows apps - Technical Issues and Assistance - Manjaro Linux Forum

Haven’t tested it myself, but looks like others got it running. Still remember the ARM machine has to EMULATE an x86 processor, so don’t expect great performance!

Sorry didn’t catch that it was ARM,