Can I use kde without zsh?

I am installing KDE on a VM.

I removed zsh and put it into pacman.conf, IgnorePkg.

I also removed with --nodeps, manjaro-zsh-config zsh-autosuggestions zsh-completions zsh-history-substring-search zsh-syntax-highlighting zsh-themepowerlevel10k.

So far so good :slight_smile:

The package manjaro-kde-settings has a dependency for zsh (pacman -Sii manjaro-kde-settings).

The package manjaro-kde-setting provides all the /etc/skel/.config files and /etc/xdg/k* files (pacman -Ql manjaro-kde-settings).

Can a user use Manjaro KDE / plasma without zsh and still have the kde settings?

Why? It won’t just magically get installed again if you removed it.

Probably because in those settings zsh is referenced and used - like for Breathe Konsole theme.

Probably, but with some manual intervention.

The most sane way would be to download PKGBUILD and source files and remove zsh from ‘depends’ and then edit all the zsh settings out of any file that has them, and build that. (And while at it just rename package to my-kde-settings and you are done.)

Or try the yolo way: pacman -Sdd

Can I use kde without zsh?

Yes, you can.

If the default shell on your system is actually is zsh (I doubt it/I don’t know)
you can simply change it to bash or whatever shell you like.

I KDE there is a read only profile for the Konsole terminal emulator.

Create a new profile, set it to use bash and make this profile the new default.
Then, zsh is still present on the system, but it will not get used unless you explicitly want to.

Simply removing zsh may also work - but it is rather brute force and not lege artis.
Change the shell … see above.

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While you can, I don’t see a reason to. You need only to change the shell you use. You do that with chsh:

$ chsh -h

chsh [options] [<username>]

Change your login shell.

-s, --shell <shell>  specify login shell
-l, --list-shells    print list of shells and exit

-u, --help           display this help
-v, --version        display version

For more details see chsh(1).

$ chsh -list-shells

So, to change to, say, bash would be:

chsh --shell /bin/bash

If you then leave zsh, there is much less possible issues that could arise.

I was hoping to get a system solution to not have zsh on our systems at all, without losing the skeleton and xdg configuration files. I don’t know if there is a known-unknown option to say, please install manjaro-kde-settings and I’ll be okay without zsh :slight_smile:

I get it, I really do. I also think it’s possible.

However, there might be many things that has to be removed to completely get rid of ZSH.

(I can’t check as my Manjaro installation is from before ZSH was the default for KDE, so my ZSH wasn’t really standard, well, ever really.)

I listed all things zsh and removed them. I did have to use “–nodeps”. I currently do not have zsh on the system, but I know manjaro-kde-settings (which I didn’t remove) is not going to be happy. On the one hand, I think I could say, I don’t care because I have the skel and xdg files on the system (assuming that is all that matters today and into the future) and just add manjaro-kde-settings to the IgnorePkg list. But on the other hand, if possible, I’d like a friendly solution, where I can have both - no zsh and an updated manjaro-kde-settings :slight_smile:

That’s only true for the user shell (when you SSH, or when you use something else than Konsole), which is not what KDE references for the Konsole terminal, as Nachlese said. Changes need to be done in the profile of Konsole.

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True. Forgot about that, thank you!

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I am also on the same boat as stargazer.

I don’t use zsh and, will very much like to remove it from my system.
Don’t mind if anyone wish to use zsh, but I just personally don’t want to use it.

I uninstalled everything zsh optionally requires, and finally stuck at zsh only.

pacman -Q | grep -i zsh
zsh 5.9-3

Looking at this source [gitlab . manjaro . org /profiles-and-settings/manjaro-kde-settings/-/blob/master/usr/share/konsole/Breath.profile#L5] it seems Breath.profile’s ‘Command=/bin/zsh’ line is the only place which causes zsh dependency.

I really wish I didn’t had to keep zsh as I don’t ever use it.

Anyway, Thanks everyone.

As ZSH is now the default shell on Manjaro KDE, I guess it is required to have the package installed as a new user on the system will need ZSH for his terminal to work, I guess.

I don’t really understand the NEED to remove a tiny package like ZSH. I don’t use ZSH, I prefer BASH, but I still have ZSH installed, I just don’t use it. Same goes with Pipewire for example, it is now a dependency of KDE, I don’t use it, it is installed, I can’t remove it.

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Geeze just switch to bash if that is what you want. I only use zsh and don’t whine about the other shell whatever it is still being installed.

He does want to, so he’s inquiring if it’s safe to do so and remove ZSH, which I think is a sensible approach if you’re unsure.

Not “What can go wrong?” and watch everything burn when/if you do something incorrectly. The sensible approach to something unknown.

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