Can I upgrade to glibc_2.36?

I’m currently accessing Manjaro via VS Code and WSL2 on windows. Running fine yesterday and in the vs code manjaro terminal I did a full update. As always seems to happen I got the following warning among the output of the update
‘warning: glibc: ignoring package upgrade (2.35-2 => 2.36-1)’.
When I started vs code today I got the following error when it tried to open the manjaro terminal
‘/home/tom/.vscode-server/bin/3b889b090b5ad5793f524b5d1d39fda662b96a2a/node: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.36’ not found (required by /usr/lib/’

As far as I can remember the glibc version was always behind the latest version which I understand is something to do with arch trying to catch up but everything has always worked OK. I don’t understand how wsl2 has suddenly decided it must have the latest version of glibc and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.
I see glibc_2.36 is now available for arch but I don’t want to upgrade to that version off my own bat (assuming I can) as I’m not sure of the ramifications. Can anyone advise?

glibc is at version 2.36-1 in Testing and Unstable branches (Packages | manjaro)

Have you added glibc to the ignored list?


The current glibc version in a fully updated Manjaro Stable should be 2.35-6, so I’m not sure where you got that 2.35-2 from.

The warning also suggests that you’ve excluded glibc from updates, which is a very unwise thing to do, because glibc is the heart of all userspace software in GNU/Linux. And perhaps this is why you’re still on 2.35-2.

Manjaro Testing is on 2.36-1, by the way. Given that your system wanted to update to 2.36-1, I suspect that you’re running the Testing branch. Either way, remove the package ignore on glibc from /etc/pacman.conf.


Wow. Thanks to yourself and NGr. I removed ‘ignore pkg = glibc’ from /etc/pacman.conf (how it got there I haven’t a clue), did an upgrade and everything’s working fine now.
I was indeed on the testing branch. Should I switch to the stable branch?

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If the Testing branch does not give you any problems, then I wouldn’t recommend changing. :wink:


That’s up to you. I have been using the Testing branch (after switching from Stable) for almost a year and I’m very happy.


Thanks guys. Never expected it to be that easy.

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