Can I run Windows software on Linux?

Hello all!

I am getting so sick and tired of Windows 10! I just closed my old bank account. One of the reasons I closed my bank account is because I kept getting fraudulent charges.
I have a theory is that somehow a keylogger got installed or some kind of malware got on my computer. I did a scan multiple times but never found one. I'm thinking of nuking it and starting from scratch!

What I mean by best of both worlds is that I need to use some of the software that needs Windows with the stability, quickness and security of GNU/Linux.I need to use and learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Project. Starting to learn Microsoft Excel. I want to master it and I will one day. I also use iTunes from time to time for my wife's iPhone.
By the way I have used LibreOffice but it didin't fit my needs.
I am also teaching myself coding. Tired of my dead end job and need to find a better job to provide for my wife and kids. I'm a route driver by the way. I've been staying up late every night to learn how to code and studying for my A+ certification exam in the future.

I am a bit apprehensive about Wine. Not sure if Virtualbox would be fast enough for my needs. Still open to try different virtual environments.

Here are the specs to my laptop.


Intel Core i7 2820QM @ 2.30GHz 90 °C

Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology


16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)


Dell Inc. 04YY4M (CPU 1)


Generic PnP Monitor (1600x900@40Hz)

Intel (Dell)

2047MB NVIDIA Quadro 4000M (Dell) 68 °C

ForceWare version: 377.83

SLI Disabled




Optical Drives



High Definition Audio Device

I am trying to avoid dual booting. It's a bit of a hassle for me to dual boot.

Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? I hope so.

Thank you all for any good advice. I'm so glad I found out about Manjaro.

Is it possible to write a topic header that's doesn't explain what the topic is all about?
I won't explain.


On linux your best bet is the online version of office apps. The ms-office-onlinepackage creates launchers that make them behave similar to desktop apps.

uhh.. 90 °C? If that your temps idle, before you do anything you might want to check out your fan in your laptop. TJMaxx ( TJUNCTION ) for those is 100 °C. You're probably throttling constantly (ie. runs sloooooooow).

  1. Why on earth do you want to use an office suite ?
    No problem to use it's cloud version on Linux, but several problems using it at all !
  • it's the essence of shadow IT
  • Word is no contest for markdown tools like Typora, Remarkable..
  • Powerpoint is no contest for Marp
  • Excel is replaced by Python (check JPMorgan's requirement for it's financial analysts) or by Tableau and alternatives like Metabase or Plotly
  1. iTunes is Eol and will soon be dropped by Apple (despite having an iPhone I never needed it for the last 7 years.)
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To prevent "uploading" malware and trojans on your computer, you need a modern firewall with IPS and antivirus engine on it.

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Hi! You'll actually will get both worlds if you'll switch to Manjaro. LibreOffice should satisfy you unless you are using really big number of unique features of MS Office, which are unavailable in LibreOffice; as I think now, you got accustomed to MS Office, doing your work in it in MS Office's style. But if we speaking of style, of way of work, I can say that your question is like:
"Will I get accustomed to Linux and its apps for my needs at all?"

Of course you will! I just want to make you known that you will need time to accustom to Linux. And it's not a long time imho. It depends on you completely.
So I advice you to just start to use Manjaro, on dual-boot or single boot, whatever you want. You have nice, really nice hardware. Most users have worse h/w than you.

To sum it up, only on practice you'll understand is Manjaro actually suitable for you or not.

iPhones + synchronisation don't work well in Linux (or simply not at all), and as nam said, Apple is going to get rid of it.

VirtualBox should be fine with 16 GB RAM, but from what I get your needs are better suited by Windows (Office!!). I can already see you spending more time in your VBox guest than on the Linux host...
ms-office-online is the alternative here, if you don't want to use LibreOffice.

For your online banking you could just as well set up a VBox with any Linux distro in Windows.

Single-boot might be the better option if one really wants to get into Manjaro.
Else the tendency to just boot up Windows if you're unsatisfied with Manjaro is very high.

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