Can I rescue this - somehow?

Wanted to install deepin-voice-notes but pacman obviously did a 300mb update along with my package download and then stopped after checking integrity (step 623/623 or something).

I forced a shutdown by pressing the power button because it wouldn’t even go to sleep. Rebooting, grub shows up just fine but then when selecting Manjaro this shows up.

Any ideas?

P.S. Tried to reinstall kernels 4.9 and 5.8 from live media but chroot doesn’t work.

Wanted to also post an image but apparently although there is an option to upload an image, “sorry, you can’t embed image media in a post”.


Anyway, after the grub menu, the laptop stops at a black screen that reads:

no irq handler for vector
switch root: /sbin/lib not found, kernel panic
*here it shows hardware info
Kernel offset
trying to kill init, end kernel panic 

Why all this…?

Sounds like you interrupted the system update.

Re-do the update from a chroot.


You file system has gone bonkers.

You can try to fix it by booting a live ISO.

Open a terminal and run fsck then manually mount your partitions on /mnt

fsck /dev/sdy2

Then without chroot run

basestrap /mnt base

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Hy there!

Thanks for your help, booted a live ISO and executed
basestrap /mnt base
Root and EFI partitions were mounted with architect. The command starts downloading some stuff and then it keeps on saying that the packages already exists in filesystem, so no packages were upgraded. It exited with error 255. Any other tips?

Is this a rescue operation or an installation?

I would do it manually - I hadn’t thought the file conflict issue.

Using a live ISO and a root terminal

  • mount your root partition on /mnt
  • rename /home folder to save your data
  • remove everything else
  • unmount

run the installer - and don’t format the root partition - install as you would do normally.

When done reboot your system

From your desktop rescue your data from the backup

So you’re saying that everything is lost, hope is no longer and I have to reinstall the sstem.
All that I can do is keep the home folder and loose all installed apps and DE extensions. I really don’t know where all that stuff is saved, but is it possible to keep them for the next sistem?

Also, do I need to change something in the EFI partition? I’m dual booting so I kinda need that. Maybe remove manjaro’s dir and reinstall grub?

P.s. Is there a way to aaavoid this from ever happening again? What caused it? Did i need to install a different kernel or a custom rescue system?