Can i remove dark theme for firefox in cinnamon edition?


hi people?
i have simple question , in cinnamon edition for manjaro , how can i use firefox as its original thmes , i don’t find menu bar and bookmarks bar comfortable in dark theme.
thank you all.


you should have themes available under tools > add-ons > appearance


as you can see i have installed a theme, i want menu bar address bar etc to be in its original colors , is it possible?


Delete or rename the chrome symlink in your firefox profile folder.


Simplest way is to choose a different theme in the overall settings. The package ff-theme-util automatically has firefox follow vertex themes.
As @muser says, you can remove the symlink but additionally you need to also remove ff-theme-util, or the symlink will be recreated automatically as soon as you set a supported theme … :wink:


as you can see @oberon even if i change theme in the overall settings firefox address bar is still dark theme,
where is the profile folder you are talking about?!


The ff-theme-util is a package you have to uninstall, either in your package manager (Pamac) or in the terminal with sudo pacman -R ff-theme-util.

Your Firefox profile folder is in your /home/.mozilla/firefox folder called something.default. If you cannot see the .mozilla folder, set your file manager to show hidden folders.
You can also navigate there if you enter about:support in the address bar in Firefox, then scroll down where it says profile folder and click open.


From the incomplete rendering of the corners of tabs in your screenshot I can tell that you have not relaunched firefox since you changed the theme - so it will not be applied correctly. So in any case, once you have made your changes, please close firefox and start a new instance.


thank you @oberon it took pc restart for firefox to be affected.
thank you @muser for your cooperation.