Can I recover from this?

On one of my Manjaro installations, during a -Syu upgrade, the system crashed and did not boot up again.

It did not find any vmlinuz. So I booted into a USB stick, ran fsck, it repaired quite a few inodes, I chrooted, continued with the upgrade and installed the kernels.

Now, the system boots again, however, when I try to log in, KDE hangs with kded5 opening kwallet.

When I switch to a console and try something with pacman, I get a whole screen of lib .so’s that are supposedly empty and will not be checked. Might be the inode problems, not sure.

Any course of action that isn’t a full reinstallation? Root is an ext4 ssd.!


In ideal situation, the system or files should be restored from backup. If you have timeshift snapshot, use this (refrain from updating GRUB thou).

It may be possible that the files are there but not the proper versions or the naming is broken. These things happen when restoring systems. Check out inside this directory to see if there are no apparent duplicates or any name conflicts.

Unfortunately this very system was not backed up yet. After trying out several things, that all broke at one step or the other I ended up trying my luck with

  1. booting from a USB stick
  2. running manjaro-chroot -a
  3. running pacman -Qqn | pacman --overwrite=* -S -
    (this basically reinstalls everything on top of your already installed files, without security checks, this is dangerous and the wiki advises taking care).

And it worked!


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