Can I prevent changing my mirror list ?

Can I prevent, that the system changes my manually edited mirror list in
/etc/pacman.d ?

this is one way i know it gets updated, but i am not sure it's the only:

check to see if you have a systemd timer updating it

systemctl list-timers

if you see pamac-mirrorlist.timer

stop and disable the timer like any other unit.

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It will probably get re-enabled as soon as pamac updates.

I would mask that service with:

sudo systemctl mask pamac-mirrorlist.service

That way, even if the timer is re-enabled it won't do anything.


ah, i wouldn't have noticed, i use -classic.

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I'm considering altogether uninstalling Pamac. I barely ever use it.

I only have it installed in VMs.

That being said, I actually think it is quite a good tool. I just don't use graphical package managers. The pamac cli is also pretty cool. It simplifies some things in a really nice way.

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I don't think it's a bad tool. As an appstore, it's one of the best I've seen, great for browsing packages. I just don't use it, and it seems to me keeping it around is not worth it.

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The bullet-proof version is - a single mirror in a custom-mirror pool.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -i

then select the one mirror you want to use and save the pool.

The mirror list is never gonna change.

Now I can select, which post I want to accept as solution.


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