Can I play GTA 4 on Manjaro XFCE via wine?

According to protondb, GTA runs fairly well (Gold = good support) depending on what hardware you have :

Use Lutris or steam to run games if you are not sure how to set up wine, works great :slight_smile:


Lutris is the way to go if you don’t own a game on Steam, if you have a game on Steam just enable support for all Windows/SteamPlay/Proton games in Steam settings, and just install/play it.

Using WINE directly is not great as you would use the distribution basic WINE, when in Lutris or Steam it is a game oriented modified WINE, with things like DXVK and other enhancements.

As people said,use Lutris if you don’t have it in Steam.

I was playing some weaks ago with Lutris and it runs flawlessly.