Can i install teamspeak 3 client on manjaro?

Excuse me, I'm newbie linux user
Could Sombody advice me to install teamspeak 3 on my pi4?, It my important software to speak with my freind.

Yes you can ... teamspeak is in AUR Repo (v.5beta)

For building & install:

pamac build teamspeak


git clone
cd teamspeak
makepkg -si

Pls edit the PKGBUILD ... here the Line

Have fun..

He was asking for Teamspeak3 though, which is currently not in the aarch64 repository.

Most likely do to permission not being granted to Arch Linux ARM to distribute it.

And your suggestion won't work since the PKGBUILD specifies a x64 source:


It doesn't build the client, just packages it.

i was edited from here.

after i saved.

how can i package it? i don't know what package is it.

You cannot package it, as they don't provide aarch64/Arm64.
I did check on their website and its only for X86_64, so maybe they're not developing their client app for arm architecture yet.

You can check it on their forum.

OK, its impossible to install teamspeak on pi4

If you just want to talk to your friends and don't need Teamspeak specifically, you could use Mumble which is very similar and seems to be available for aarch64. The server is called Murmur if you want to run your own.

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