Can I install Pantheon on Manjaro?

I will be installing Manjaro KDE and I want to if I can install Pantheon desktop in it??

If it’s in the repo, sure. Even AUR DE’s will install fine, most of the time.

There was a pantheon edition of Manjaro at some point. But it’s been unmaintained for a long time now.

Check this for required packages list:

This may be a bit different so the easiest way is to search pantheon packages in Pamac :slight_smile:

Hi, what is your linux experience… the spinoff of pantheon in manjaro is my works but is very hard to manage… first you have to switch into our unstable repo , then add a external unofficial archlinux repo for pantheon (like the wiki) and finally you can install the needed pkgs … only not ecpect it works fine because elementary development and rolling distro not are friends :wink:


I would very strongly suggest you read the Pantheon threads in the Arch Forums. Here is a generalized search results:


Kids these days–sheesh! :smiley:


@MeanJoeGreen, regardless whether you’re successful in this endeavor or not, please document your findings.

It is only because there was enough interest and enough users & developers going through the trials ‘n’ tribulations, that Deepin got successfully ported to Arch.

Even failure can lead to success, if enough hands are involved. :slight_smile:


Try Budgie, it is quite stable. Just add plank.desktop to ~/.config/autostart

Deepin is ported??? I thought its also being developed by some Arch developers!!!
Anyway, I hate that DE

Hi @JoeGreen,

Deepin was developed by Wuhan Technologies, LTD. It was originally Ubuntu-based but they re-based it to Debian most recently. Arch developers began porting it over about 3 years ago, IIRC.

You started this thread regarding Pantheon. How do you think it got into Arch? :smiley:


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Is there an ISO of the distro??? I saw a video in YouTube of Manjaro ISO with Pantheon. It was kind of a how-to install video.If there is a ISO, I will install it on PC. Can you give me links to download it???

This is my last iso , dev iso , unstable old than 2 years ( +/- )

Add the repository to your pacman.conf, then install what the Pantheon guide calls for. You have read this, right?

So, what’s the most Difficulty to continue this distro? just a curiosity.

Time to build and adapting for rolling release model :wink:

hahaha, so i rly will wait for this manjaro style in future thx for answer <3

Lackluster interest in it in the Arch boards, buncha broken stuff, last time I looked Stefano. Too bad, it has promise.

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