Can i install a kernel from usb?

something happened when updating to kernel 5.10. My computer shut off part way through and now i am stuck at the GRUB screen with no kernel available. Can I install a kernel via usb and if so, where do I find it?

Yes, you can update or fix your existing manjaro installation with Manjaro Architect. First, burn it to a usb from another pc. Then boot it from GRUB. I think you will know what to do next. If you don’t, then ask me for help.

Well then, I don’t think this topic anymore too. Then close that too.

Thanks for your help. I ran into some more problems, ended up doing a clean install which solved some other problems I was having. Unfortunately now I am having problems accessing the backup of my home folder

How so?

it will let me explore all the files in my previous backup, but if I try to restore any of them it will just run into an unexpected failiure. I’ve tried restoring to original location, and restoring to specific location. Even just trying to restore a specific file

edit: ‘failed with an unknown error’ is the proper wording. is there a way to go in manually and explore files in a backup?

I can understand you can’t restore it to anywhere, but what exactly happens if you try to?

‘failed with an unknown error’ is the proper wording. is there a way to go in manually and explore files in a backup?

Did you just copy-paste the home folder to that drive?

no, i used the backup program that comes stock with Manjaro GNOME

If you need more support, than undelete that previous post.

sorry, Deja Dup is the program I am using for backups, are you familiar with that one at all?

I know that Deja Dup uses the program “duplicity” behind the scenes to create differential backups.
But they are also encrypted with gpg.
Apparently there is no easy way to get to files in the backup without Deja Dup.
except this:

But maybe the backup isn’t encrypted.
This seems to be optional and it then might be easier to get to the files.

I managed to find a solution, I installed the snap variant of déjà dup and it let me restore my files.

Sorry for the multiple threads tonight guys. I was having a disaster trying to sort through all the issues that seemed to hit at once.

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Sure. Anytime, anything!

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