Can I help with Discord updates? 0.0.20

I don’t know enough about package management but I’ve been using Manjaro long enough that I feel obliged to contribute and help. I want to do it to not for my sake but for any unfortunate Discord user. Whenever there’s an update, we can’t use it right? So someone has to do the thing to get it working again.

How can I help, how can I help this issue and let everyone on the Manjaro userbase use Discord again? Is there anything I can do to contribute? I want to learn and help improve Manjaro and help everyone else here avoid a problem that I experience. Can someone help me help you all? Is that even a thing? :pensive:

If I can’t, point me in the right direction to walk so I am capable of helping in the future.

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The Discord issue is a non issue.

If you intend to help with packaging Discord for Manjaro, but you don’t know anything about it, then I would say first learn to walk before running.


I tend to run, it is true, but how can I help? What can I do?

I guess learn packaging if that’s what you want to do, there is probably documentation about it somewhere. I don’t think Manjaro needs anyone for packaging Discord anyway as it comes from Arch.

There are plenty of ways of helping: answer the forum, report issues, fix bugs, create things, and so on. What can you do, what are you willing to do, how much time daily can you invest, and so on, are the question YOU must ask yourself.

Also when I read between the lines, I don’t think you want to “help the community” per say, I think you want Discord to be immediately updated in Manjaro repositories because you use it, and try to get in a position to do so. As said there is not much to do, it will be updated, in the meantime there are plenty of solution if you read my previous message, even without installing Discord from outside the Manjaro repositories. The issue here is Discord blocking anyone not updating immediately when they release an update, this is really bad from them, they should allow previous version to connect, their system is so dumb. If you want to help Discord users, then unite and ask Discord to not do that.

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I don’t mean just Discord, that’s not what I mean. I appreciate you giving me a useful response. Thank you for your time.

I get it, and yeap, bad move from discord, and awesome that @vvbudh is trying to help cause i feel the same way each time discord updates :confused: i’ve discovered that problem in version 0.0.17 and here’s the link to see if it helps you @vvbudh :wink:

Unfortunately, also a beginner and don’t know about packaging…so, will do send message to discord and try to change that from them and also check in the Arch forum to see if it can be available sooner.

Thanks both! :slight_smile:

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There are two suggestions in ArchWiki to work around the forced update problem
Discord - ArchWiki

2nd suggestion works for me with this command:

sudo sed -i 's/0.0.19/0.0.20/g' /opt/discord/resources/build_info.json

Thanks! This appears to be the simplest workaround if you already have the official Manjaro package for discord installed. I was not looking forward to reinstalling and re-authenticating (whether as a different type of package or in the home directory.) Changing the version number in build_info.json allowed Discord to simply update itself in place.

Indeed, I have mentioned it here too, but as this is not the purpose of the thread, I didn’t explain anything further.

I did it there though, 30 minute before you replied to quoted me

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