Can I exchange the old kde minimal settings with the current one?

Hello all,
Which is the correct package to replace manjaro-kde-minimal-settings with? Is it manjaro-kde-settings? Is it safe to replace one of those with the other?

I just recently noticed that the package called manjaro-kde-minimal-settings on my system seems to have dropped out of the official repos and therefore is on an old version from 2019 (20191212-1). For those reasons, I think I should replace it with an appropriate supported replacement to avoid future issues
Since the URL of the package links to the same location as manjaro-kde-settings I assume that that is the best package to use instead.

Is it safe to exchange those packages with each other? They seem to contain the same files when comparing the output of pamac list -f for both of them.

Thank you

you can check with:
pamac list -qm
and yes replace it

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