Can I downgrade to an earlier version of an app?

An app has implemented a change I don’t like. Is there anyway I can downgrade (even if temporarily) to an earlier version of the app?

Its available in the official repositories.

Is there a simple solution to this?

Use downgrade or reinstall the previous package, but this is very temporary solution. You need to keep ALL packages to their current repository version or things will break.


Thank you for that link.

Unfortunately it after downgrading, the app doesn’t seem to launch. I guess the dependencies have moved on. Is it possible to install an older flatpak version?

Yes this is the problem when you want to downgrape a package, you then have to understand what the package needs and downgrade other stuff, and then break the system after you go too far.

Yes, download the flatpak at which version you want it, and just run it. Flatpak are not part of the system files and libraries chain, they just run on their own.


Flatpak, Appimage or snap is the way to go if you want a different version. But as far as i know snaps update automatically - maybe there is a way to block it i don’t know.

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:rofl: I wrote downgrape, like the ape I am.

What is cool about Flatpaks, or even AppImages, is that it is just one file you execute to run the whole program and all its needed libraries included in the file. You can have a collection of apps in a folder where you want, you can transport them on USB drive. Snaps to me are not good at all, it adds a service starting with the system, it does things without your consent (but yes there are ways around it now), it integrates into the system it is part of it… I don’t like it at all, but it works… so all are valid options, but Flatpak/AppImages are my recommendation.

Also I was thinking about AppImages when I replied initially. But still it is possible with FlatPak to do so Tips & Tricks · flatpak/flatpak Wiki · GitHub

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There is a manjaro-specific package which is preferable
(because it can pull manjaro-specific packages from the MLA instead of Arch packages from the ALA)


It works just like downgrade.

Also a note:
Downgrading is a ‘last resort’ and is never the true solution.
It should only be used temporarily.


I didn’t knew this package, maybe the WIKI should be modified then. I can’t do it, I can edit the template files (lol) but not the article content. //EDIT: I can’t edit /en pages, but I can the base page… //EDIT2: changes sent, I wasn’t sure about DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 but as I see the help of the tool still references ALA, I will not modify it. //EDIT3: I verified the source code, it seems it still uses ALA internally.


@omano we had a short discussion here

It was described to me as using an MLA.
( as with the previous fork I created which used: cscs / Manjaro Linux Archive Tools · GitLab )
Guess I should actually look next time :wink:

I was talking about manjaro-downgrade I opened an issue on Gitlab for the ALA/MLA references Reference to ALA (#1) · Issues · Packages / Community / manjaro-downgrade · GitLab

Er, yes, that is what I was responding to.
(the link is to the working-proof that would automate the curation of an MLA server [which a downgrade fork would use], but I disabled and discontinued it after some months because it was supposed to be a test and hosting costs money)

When this fork was presented it was described as using a similar infrastructure … but you said it does not …

looking … it does:

With an option to use only ALA if desired.

  --ala-only      only use ALA server

Similarly, options to set the ALA server exist
(while no such option for MLA exists because there is only one)

  --ala-url       <url>

(or, if you wanted to use only some custom server - you set ala-only, and set the ala-url … so no MLA custom address would be required)

If you can quote me on that, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Maybe I misunderstood your meaning here?

Completely, Obviously, I’m talking about the WIKI, and if you follow till the end, I’m talking about translations of the WIKI page about downgrading packages, and I changed the WIKI page to reference manjaro-downgrade, the Manjaro tool, instead of downgrade, the Arch Linux tool, I also changed parts to MLA, Manjaro Linux Archive, instead of ALA, Arch Linux Archive. I was wondering if I should also change the part DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 but in the end, guess what

It only uses MLA instead of ALA in one line of the code, and the tool help still references to ALA instead of MLA.

I also linked to the issues on Gitlab so you could see what I’m talking about.