Can i delete the install folder from Aur softwares?

i installed VMware from the AUR with Pamac,
it created a folder in my Home directory(home/username).

-can i delete it now?
-will it get recreated in the next update?

-also i just updated Vmware and it needed to download the new version(Bundle) from the Vmware site;
where is that file now? i can’t see it in the mentioned folder and don’t know where to look for,
i don’t need it anymore and want to delete it,
so is it some in some temporary place and will get deleted automatically?

That statement is ambiguous. Are you talking about a configuration directory or a build directory?

If it’s a configuration directory, then you should keep it. If it’s a build directory, then you can get rid of it by way of…

pamac clean -b

If it’s a build directory, then yes.

You shouldn’t have done that, because…

  • that version won’t have been optimized for use in Manjaro;
  • its existence is unknown to the package manager; and by consequence…
  • it won’t get updated along with the rest of the system.

Probably in your ~/Downloads directory.

No, it won’t.


Not with sudo? Just making sure?

Without sudo, indeed ─ it’s pamac we’re talking about, not pacman. :wink:

The build files are in the user’s own home directory, because pamac is building them with the user’s UID. It is only the system-wide installation of the package once it is built that requires root privileges, and pamac will prompt the user for the root pasword when needed.

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That’s interesting and good to know, thanks!

Now I know as well.

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rereading my post,a few points are unclear;

-it is the build directory

-i didn’t manually update Vmware;it was an Aur update of vmware that i applied through Pamac,
and among other things, it downloaded the new Vmware ver.

the first time i installed Vmware,i could see that file in the build directory,but not now after this update,and i can see i’m around 500mb less on the hard drive.
so where did it go,or was it just used and discarded?

If the package is still installed and at the updated version, then maybe pamac automatically cleaned out the build files. So best is to check your pamac settings to find out whether that is the case.

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thank you Aragorn,

i found it in


it’s indeed 503MiB

You can uncheck “Keep Built Packages” under Third Party tab in Pamac or manually delete them through Pamac as well as what @Aragorn suggested.


If you mean the build directory (where you type makepkg & all that) then you can delete it. It’ll come back in the next package update, I believe.

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