Can I change from Gnome to a different environment without reinstalling?

I have not used gnome for a while and count it as a mistake now.

The terminal will not open it just times and crashes. Nautilus, I think, is the file manager and it will not alphabetize according to the first letter of a folder name unless ALL folders are the same case (capital or lower) and lastly the layout of nautilus is terrible as there is a line between each entry in the list view (it is double spaced)

I want out. Is there a script or a few commands that I can use to turn this into one of the other manjaro releases ? - I can do a complete reinstallation after downloading one of the other versions but I would rather not.
If you know another fix such as getting away from nautius while keeping Gnome and another terminal to install that would be fine too.

Yes that is quit easily possible please see details on the following url

I have cinnamon, i3 and xfce installed in that fashion, i only use xfce nowadays, but the instructions work well. You can then choose on login which DE to use.

Thanks Alchemix,

What is i3 like ?

It‘s rather special in its use, I personally think its best use is on a laptop, as you can control everything with the keyboard and don’t need a mouse. I3 requires some learning, and a lot of configuration to make it yours but that is one of its charms. I have it only installed for my entertainment with tinkering. I would recommend youtube for an idea what i3 is and what it entails.

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I am probably not up to that one. I need at least the user friendliness of LXQT or LXDE, more basic than those I get frustrated.
I think I am going to do a reinstallation, probably XFCE, as I would have a ton of Gnome software still onboard or do you think adding XFCE as per the turorial might still work out ok ?

If you consider reinstalling anyhow, why dont you just give it a shot of adding the other DE such as xfce on top, the worst thing that could happen is that it won’t work, and you have to reinstall, so no real risk here.
I have done this method a couple of times snd never really had a problem. The only thing is you will also keep the programs from the other DE on top of the old one. I have thunar, nemo and another filemanager as options due to my 3 DE, I don‘t use any of them but they are there for my.

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The last caveat would actually be a fulfilled blessing as Nautilus is pure rubbish.

Alright… going in…

Nautilus will be still there, but Thunar gets installed with xfce, so you have the choice between the two.

I don‘t know how much you like the terminal, but i use ranger as filemanager, which is the reason i have no use for the others. But then again I’m old.

I hate the terminal. I am stuck right now and cannot install xfce. I do not understand what it is saying

That sounds a bit like you might have to do the clean install. Sorry that i couldn’t help more.

In case you decide to reinstall - give KDE a go. Dolphin is simply the most feature rich GUI based file manager.
Ohh and KDE is the most customizable DE.

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Yes, you can change from one DE to another DE without having to reinstall Manjaro.

But it is highly recommended to make a new user for to use that new DE you want to use. The reason for this is to avoid issues with conflicting config files that will make you have a bad day (or week, or year, or life) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot guys !

Always found Format + Install the fastest option, personally :smiley:

I have never tried i3, how is the memory consumption after a cold start (default configuration and after your tweaks)?

If you want to try a window manager rather than a DE then Mabox
Might be worth a try as it’s pretty well configured out of the box

upon a fresh reboot and no windows opened I3 was using 227 MB of RAM on my system. But please be aware that I3 is a very acquired taste. It’s fun to play with and the ricing community is mainly working with stuff like this, but I’m not sure I would recommend it as something everybody will enjoy.
But then again I don’t enjoy gnome either.

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Or you can use the Manjaro community build of Openbox instead of that one.


Exactly - I don’t think i3/Openbox/Xmonad/Qtile etc. etc. are for everyone.
For example - I can never ever live in them. I guess it depends mostly on your workflow

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