Can I back up my disk with Clonezilla while Manjaro is in hibernation?

Up to now, I shut down Manjaro prior to Clonezilla backup. But can I hibernate, clone the disk and then resume my session, instead of restarting Manjaro?

Yes you can.

i wouldnt hold my breath until it resumes

Technically yes.

You have to consider what a clone is

  • it is a snapshot of the hibernated state
  • this may yield a weird result if you ever have to restore your snapshot

Yes, this seems possible because this is similar to a snapshot of a vm.
(So you may not have problems with files and databases)

But be aware:

A backup only is as good as its restored state :wink:

May be you can backup this way, But will it restore every time you do this ?
Is it worth investigating this ?

There are systems that are capable of HOT-backup. But be aware that there are chances that

  • open files (while writing)
  • open databases
  • open connections to external systems
    lead to problems

Btrfs is capable of HOT-backup because it first takes snapshots, then makes backups of the snapshots

You may have a look at:

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki