Can boot manjaro from my ventoy usb

Hey Team Manjaro,
I am trying to boot manajro gnome from my ventoy usb but after grub of manajro(where boot with free drivers came) i am getting hit with an error can you guys help me in fixing it.

Thanks In Advance :heart:

There are two common culprits of this error:

  1. The USB you burnt to did not have enough space for the entire .iso.
  2. The .iso you downloaded had a problem when downloading.

In your case i would reckon it is likely the second option. Another more unlikely option would be a fault with the USB drive itself that caused corruption.

other iso are working fine in same pendrive only manjaro iso is creating problem

Could you cross check with another flavour? Is the ventoy version on it current?

Have you verified the size and integrity of the iso file on the usb drive?
Is it the same size and checksum as the original?
Does the original itself check out - is it the right size and checksum?
Do you have enough space for this and more iso’s on the usb-drive?

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